About Me

I’m the founder of Sawyer, a lifestyle brand for kids encouraging a love of the outdoors.  I’m also an angel investor and advisor to various startups. I’m happiest when I’m away from work spending time outdoors or having great life experiences with my family.

Prior to starting Sawyer, I was the VP of Audience Development at CBS Interactive where I played a key role in the company’s meteoric rise to the sixth largest global internet property.  Before that, I led growth for Clicker, which was acquired by CBS.

My career started as an early twenty-something bum working a minimum wage customer service job. We were pregnant with our first child and I knew I wouldn’t be able to support a family with the path I was on. I starting learning how to build & market websites at night in my free time and eventually started my first internet company. It sold a few years later. From there I parlayed a career into a number of different businesses and consulting gigs. I have worked with clients that include: Showtime, MTV, GMAC, HP, Samsung, and Del Taco to name a few.

I live in Park City, Utah and love to ski, surf, ride motorcycles and spend time in the outdoors with my family.