Most kids don’t spend enough time outside.  My best memories and most worthwhile experiences growing up are from the things I did outdoors. Now that I have a family I want my kids to experience the same things I did. However, doing that in today’s world isn’t always easy, our time & attention is constantly being invaded by technology. I realized this problem is bigger than me when I discovered a shocking statistic: kids spend 10x as much time on devices as they do playing outside. I left my vice president role at a Fortune 500 company for a lofty objective: to solve this problem and encourage kids to get outside.



About Me

I’m the founder of Sawyer, a lifestyle brand that makes great products that encourage kids to get outside.  I’m also an angel investor and advisor for a few startups. I’m happiest when I’m away from work spending time outdoors or having great life experiences with my family.

Prior to starting Sawyer, I was the VP of Audience Development at CBS Interactive where I played a key role in the company’s meteoric rise to the sixth largest internet property.  Before that, I led growth for Clicker, which was acquired by CBS.

My career started as an early twenty-something bum working a minimum wage customer service job. My then girlfriend (now partner) was pregnant and I knew I couldn’t support a family with the path I was on. I learned how to build websites at night and eventually started my first internet business. It sold a few years later for what was a meaningful sum at the time. From there I parlayed a career into a number of different businesses and consulting gigs. I have worked with clients that include: Showtime, MTV, GMAC, HP, Samsung, and Del Taco to name a few.

I live in Park City, Utah and love to ski, surf, ride motorcycles and spend time relaxing outside.



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