I’m a growth marketer and product person by trade and enjoy surfing, skiing, and hanging out with family.


What I’ve done

I started a DTC apparel brand for kids called Sawyer. With amazing products and a cult-like brand following, our team has delivered exciting experiences to nearly a hundred thousand customers all over the world.

Prior to starting Sawyer, I co-founded a company called Soledad Media Group. We built a collection of websites and brands that reached hundreds of millions of people online.

Before that, I was the VP, Audience Development at CBS. I led a world-class team in growing the company’s portfolio of premium brands to the #6 biggest internet property.

I landed at CBS when they acquired a startup called Clicker, where I was the head of growth marketing.

I taught myself how to build and grow websites over 20 years ago and sold my first “internet company” within a couple of years. I parlayed that into consulting/advising over 50 companies and brands on their growth marketing strategies, helping them acquire customers across channels like SEO,  paid media, and more. I have worked with top brands like Yelp, Showtime, MTV, HP, Glam, Samsung, and Del Taco to name a few.

I used to speak at top industry conferences and write for leading publications on growth marketing topics.